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Thursday 21 September 2017

Letter of the Week: x for fox in a box

The letter x is that last letter that prekinders learnt. And needless to say, it's one of the hardest letters to associate a thing with. Usually people would teach x for x-ray but for a phonics purpose it doesn't serve. So we'd take words that has an ending of x such as fox, box and six.

For our craft, we've made the crazy x character with foam eyes and mouths. We've also made fox in a box - what else?!

There's really not much to it except, print out a letter x, colour it in, cut it out and stick on the foam eyes and mouth. Finish.

And that concludes our weekly letter of the week program. Usually three quarters of the way through, some of the children will start blending the sounds together and start reading simple phonic words. Most of the children about that time will also be able to hear and distinguish the beginning sounds on any word that they hear and about half of them will be able to hear the ending sounds as well. Middle sounds are harder to hear and these are the vowels.

The next step that we do is the capital letters. If you start with lower case letters then the children will be able to recognise most of the capitals as they are very similar and easier to write. I usually go through the letters that are different such as A, E, G, Q, R and Y.

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