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Saturday 12 August 2017

Letter of the Week: y

The letter y is one of the hardest letters to work with as there are not many things that start with y wait until next week when we learn the letter x!) So we've made yoghurt an a yak craft. I ran out of ideas so I've resorted to my foam eyes and mouth stickers.

So we've made a letter y puppet.

I've found a printable y that is symmetrical and had the children colour it in. I would have preferred that they coloured it in yellow to reinforce the y sound but I didn't enforced it.

The children then cut it out and places the foam eyes and mouths on their letter y. Googling eyes and a drawn mouth would have worked out fine too.

Then we attached a pop stick on the back of the letter y for the children to hold and play pretend with the y. You can have the children sing their y songs with it: "Yellow y, yyy" or "Yummy y, yyy". 

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