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Friday 23 June 2017

Turn Your Child's Paintings into Eid Bags

Making Eid bags is difficult for toddlers but I didn't want my toddlers to miss out on taking home an Eid bag that they've contributed to. So this was what I've came up with - and it's very easy to do.


I love sponge painting as the results are softer, making them ideal gift papers.

Once the paintings are dried, draw a line about 2-3 cm down the edge of the long side. Cut out.

Turn the painting over and fold about 2cm along the long edges. Apply glue to these two edges.

Fold the painting in half so that the glue edges touch each other and the painted surface is facing outwards. You've just formed a pocket.

Staple the ends of the strip of paper that you've first cut out to the glued edges at the opening of the bag. Reinforce with sticky tape.

Write an Eid message. You can have the children draw a picture as well.

Fill it up with surprises.

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