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Friday 30 June 2017

Letter of the Week: j for jellyfish

There are not that many things that you can do for the letter j. There's only jam, jelly, jellyfish, jump, jet and jaguar. So this week, prekinders jumped like frogs, they ate jelly and jelly beans (which they didn't like. I think they'd much prefer jelly babies - mental note for next time.), sang jelly on a plate and made jellyfish.

Instructions for the jellyfish craft below.
I had plenty of these inexpensive plastic eggs that I bought. There's a top and bottom part to the eggs but I only used the bottom part as it is more rounded rather than slightly pointy. There were already two holes at the bottom so I put a string through for the kids to be able to hold and dangle their jellyfish.

This is very easy. First, the children use the sticker foam eyes and attach it to the egg.

Then they attach the strips of blue cellophane to the inside of the egg. I prepared the strips of cellophane beforehand by attaching a piece of sticky tape to the ends of each cellophane. I stick these to the edge of the table ready for the children to take when they need.

And here are the results of the jiggling jellyfish:

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