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Friday 19 May 2017

Review: Hannah Travels Books

Title: Hannah Travels
Author: Mai Hazem
Illustrator: Ahmed Moneer
Age: 4-7 year olds

“The purpose of my stories are to grasp the diversity we see in todays’ classrooms, as they are filled with kids from all different parts of the world. There is a goal to educate kids about the cultures their classmates come from. It is done in the hope of not only educating and informing young minds, both geographically and culturally, but also opening hearts to acceptance of what may be perceived as ‘different.’ By starting at a young age, we decrease the borders of the future and bring us closer to being one world, one people.” Mai Hazem

Give children a glimpse into other cultures by reading these five set of books. In each book Hannah travels to a new country with a new friend. They travel through their imagination by locating the country on the map and jumping. Although I think it is through their imagination, each page takes them to the country as though they are there.

Hannah is a friendly girl who likes to learn and try new things. She has deep empathy for others who are different and will chat with them. For example, in Hannah Travels to Mexico, she sees a new student sitting by himself and goes over to sit and talk with him.

As Hannah makes new friends, she gets to see the type of food that is typically eaten in their country and the sights of each. Children are taken along for the trip and learn new things with Hannah.

If you want children to appreciate and understand other cultures then get them this set of books. The five countries that Hannah travels to are Japan, France, Egypt, India and Mexico. These are five very diverse countries.

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