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Saturday 11 March 2017

Rainy Umbrella Craft

It's been a wet kinda week for the past weeks so I thought I'd amke it topical and have the preschoolers do this craft. Of course, we talked about the rain coming from the clouds and how Allah send us rain to give us water to drink and to clean ourselves.

We sang the song: 
'It's raining, it's pouring.
Allah's blessings are pouring.
He gave us water
To drink and shower,
So we can get up in the morning.

I've never liked the other song that says 'Rain, rain go away". Children tend to be taught this one but really when they learn this song they are leanring that rain isn't good. But in actual fact it is a blessing from Allah.

We made this craft to go along with our little discussion.

What you need
An umbrella printable
Colour pencils or crayons
Blue cellophane
Craft stick
Sticky tape

What to do

4. Sticky tape the craft stick onto the umbrella for the handle.

If you like this craft then I have another one here in my 'Winter Art and Craft' book. There are also others winter activities to do. Check it out here.

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