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Wednesday 1 March 2017

Flower Craft for Preschoolers

These flowers are simple to make and only requires some snipping, glueing and sticking - all great for perschoolers to develop their fine motor skills.

What you need:
Patty cases, in diferent colours, designs and sizes
Jumbo wooden craft sticks
Ladybug stickers, or other garden minibeasts
Sticky tape

What to do:

1. Flatten a patty case and snip all around the edge.

2. Take another patty case in a different size and design and snip around the edge.

3. Place glue on the inside of the larger patty case and place the smaller one on top. Press together.

4. Stick the ladybug sticker in the middle of the smaller patty case then attach the flower to the jumbo craft stick with sticky tape.

My prekinders made these flowers after we've read a book about flowers. It would have been more colourful if I had bought different coloured patty cases but these were the only ones that were in my cupboard. 

The book that I've read to them was part of a set from the 'Allah Made' series. We've been learning each day about how Allah made everything.

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