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Saturday 29 October 2016

A Muslim Prince Book for Young Muslim Readers

You all know how most boys love reading adventure stories, well little boys are the same. After reading all the Muslim princesses books, I've read this one book about a Muslim prince who set off sails to find adventure on the seas.

Every year I've read these same books to my prekinders and both girls and boys anjoy both the princesses books and the one prince book. But this year, one little boy asked, "Where are all the other prince books?" You might be asking this as well. 

The sad fact is there is only this one book. If there were more I would have got them. I've tried to explain this to the little boy but he kept on insisting that I find them and read them all. 

The ending of Captain Alif and the Stormy Sea seems to indicate that there will be more adventures but so far I haven't seen any out yet. Maybe prince stories aren't as popular as princess stories and the publisher decided not to produce any more. 

Which is a shame because Captain Alif is actually a prince who does an act of selfless kindness during the stormy sea. Whenever I read this I always stress the importance of selflessness to the children. I believe that Captain Alif can teach young children about righteous behaviour, if only there were more books of him.

Well if there are no more books forthcoming then I might just put 'pen to paper' or finger to keyboard and start a new adventure about another prince, inshaAllah. ;) Stay tuned.

 If you're a writer yourself then please our little Muslim children need more Muslim prince (and princesses) books. If you're not a writer but a parent then what sort of books would you like to see available? It will give writers an idea. Please comment below.

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