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Wednesday 14 September 2016

Eid Colouring Competition Winners

This competition started last Eid ul Fitr and it has just ended on Eid ul Adha. (See here for detals and download the free colouring sheet to colour at your own leisure for the next Eids.)

In case you're wondering about the winning entries, I've put them up here.

1. Being on Time
Need I say more? You have to in it to win it! To be fair, this competition was done on the spur of the moment so there wasn't much planning. As a result, there wasn't enough time given so I've had to extended it.

2. Creative Use of Technology
Two of the entries used technology to colour in the sheet. I didn't mind as there weren't any rules as to how it should be done. Any way it was interesting to see how people interpreted it. One said she used the program Paint to colour then she did something which I'm not too sure of. 

The other one coloured then used some program to add bling to the word Eid so it was sort of animated. I've asked but I'm still not sure how she did it (I'm technologically clueless that way.) and I don't know how I can put it here for you to see.

3. PreKinders
I've had some of my prekinders who loved to colour do the colouring and I chose this one because I like how she tried to make the word Eid colourful. She actually said that she made a rainbow Eid.

And that concludes the competition!

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