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Monday 14 March 2016

Pull Tab Masjid Craft

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I love pop-up and pull tab books and so do the children that I've read them to. Here are a few examples of our best loved pull tab books.
You can see the open door on the bus and that bear is about to fall from the bed!
Here are two pull tabs in action. Don't you just love it?

I have many of these books but have yet to find an Islamic picture book with pull tabs. In light of this, I decided a long time ago to make a masjid craft with a pull tab.

1. Download the two images above and print them.
2. Colour or paint the masjid.
3. Colour the boy. You need to harden then pull tab so that it'll be easier to pull. You can do this by cutting the boy along with the tab out and glue it onto a piece of cardboard then cut the cardboard out or you can print this image onto cardstock.
4. Fold along the dotted line of the tab.
5. Make a slit on the two dotted lines on the masjid.
6. Put the tab through the slits (refer to the image below).

7. Pull the tab and now the boy can walk to the masjid.
8. Now you can talk about going to the masjid or make your own story book using this for one of the pages.

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  1. Lovely idea masha'Allah. Will try this with the girls. JazakAllah Khair for linking up

  2. That is creative! :-D
    Thank you for the beautiful idea...

  3. Hello, Jameela. This is a great article you have shared here. The masjid craft is really excellent. Masjid is a holy place for learning. You can visit site for more learning. Thank you very much for your excellent sharing.


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