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Monday 22 February 2016

Book Review: Hassan and Aneesa Go to Masjid

Hassan and Aneesa Go to the Masjid
By Yasmeen Rahim
Illustrator: Omar Burgess
Publisher: The Islamic Fondation UK, 2012
Ages: 4-7 years old

Hassan and Aneesa are going to the masjid. At masjid they will make wudu, visit the prayer hall, listen to the adhan and perform prayer. Follow them as they get ready and explore the masjid.

Hassan and Aneesa Go to Masjid takes the reader from the time the two children leave the house to drive to the majid to praying and then leaving. But it also takes the reader to the wudu area, the mihrab and the mimbar and explains what each one is. 

It also teaches children about talking quietly in the masjid, not walking in front of others while they're praying and giving money in the sadaqah box. It takes a comprehensive look at each step of going to the masjid in an easy to understand way that little children can enjoy.

The age recommended on the back of the book is 2 years and up but I find that because of the amount of words in it, children 2-3 years old do not stay interested for long. This book is better aimed at the 4-7 years old who will enjoy it much more.

When I read this book, and other masjid books, I always follow up with a masjid craft activity.

This is one activity that you can find on the internet. It is suitable for older children such as 6-7 year olds as it requires cutting inside the drawing. It's abit too fiddly for younger chilren.

This one I'v emade is more suitable for prekinders as it only requires them to colour in, glue and draw. There is a little cutting of the door that you can do for them.

Masjid Craft
1. Fold the paper in half along the dash line..
2. Have children colour in the masjid.
3. Cut along the middle line and the top line of the door to open and close.
4. Fold back the doors along the outer door lines.
5. Leave the door open and have children put glue onto the back side of the masjid picture (not the doors).
6. Lay the asjid over its backing paper.
7. Children draw themselves (and family) behind the open doors.

Song to sing (to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell):
The Muslims are in the masjid, the Muslims are in the masjid,
The Muslims are in the masjid!

You can then substitute children's names for 'The Muslims'. For example, 'Ahmad is in the masjid, Ahmad is in the masjid, Alhamdulillah, Ahmad is in the masjid'. Keep going around and substituting all your children's names so that everyone has a turn to be in the masjid!
Download masjid craft here
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