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Thursday 4 February 2016

Book Review: Allah is Ar-Rahman (A Book About Shapes) and Lesson Included

Author: Saba Ghazi Ameen
Publisher: Iqro International Educational Foundation (2002)
Lift the Flap Board Book
Ages: 3+

"This series introduces young children to preschool concepts of shapes and colours through positive Islamic themes. Abstract concepts of Islamic belief and morals are presented in a simple and personal manner that young children will be able to relate to."

Trust me when I write that all children love lift the flap books. They love it so much that you'd have to store these books away and read it to them supervised. Their eager little fingers just love to lift the flaps to see what's undernealth. This is why there will be tears if you are not careful.

Having written all that, lift the flap books are so much fun for little children. I've had this particular book when my eldest was 3 years old. He and subsequently his brother enjoyed it then and all my prekinders have enjoyed it since. Just this week, I've read this book to my prekindy class and it remains as popular as ever.

Not only does this book teach children about the concept that Allah is Compassionate and provides us homes as well as all the animals, it teaches shapes and colours. Each double page spread has a coloured shape and when you lift the flap, a different type of home and the family who lives there is revealed.

What I usually do is I'd read what is written in the book and before I lift the shape flap, I ask the children "What shape is this?" and "What colour is it?" If they don't know then I'd tell them, I'd say "This shape is a square. It is ----- (colour)." 

Sometimes as a special treat for children I'd select a few to come and lift the flap. They love this. If you are reading it to your child then let him lift it.

What I especially like at the end is on the last page, there are four mini shape flaps. This is great for testing your child's memory. I'd ask "Can anyone remember what's under the ---(colour) square?" One or two would remember and I'd let them lift that flap to see if they were correct.

After the book is read, we'd have a discussion on where the children live - in a house, apartment and so on. Then I'd ask them "Who is it that provides us with a home to live in?" and I'd tell them: "Allah gave us a home." This reiterates the concept of the book.

Finally, the children would do a craft, which is to make a lift the flap house. First, I'd show them the picture of the house printout and I'd ask them about the shapes in that picture.

Download this house printout  for free here

The children then colour in (and I'd talk about the colours they've used afterwards) and cut out along the outside lines of the house.I would cut the along the dotted lines of the door for them and fold it along the bold lines so that it opens. I give the children another sheet of paper and they glue the house onto this paper. They open the doors and draw their family inside. They can add the circle sun and any other drawings they'd like. Here are a few finished samples:

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