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Sunday 5 July 2015

How to Get your Children to Listen to Islamic Stories: Get Audio Books

Miraj Audio Books
If your child isn't motivated to read a lot of books on Islam then why not try geting them to listen. All children, even adults, love to listen to stories being told. The tradition of storytelling has been with us for a long time and will, insha Allah, continue to be so. 

If you don't have time to tell stories to your children then you can get audio books. One company that produces audio books is Miraj Audio. They offer a range of high quality audios that you can download instantly. I have listened to a few and the narration is very professional as the narrator draws you into the story. My children love listening to them and even my teenager enjoys it as well. The story of the Sad Camel is a free download that you can try.

Audio books are great for children who are more auditory than visual. It fulfills their need for learning through listening. That's not to say that visual children won't like audio books. For visual children it offers them an alternative way of learning that is fun and engaging.

As part of the Ramadan Reading Challenge 2015, for those who have been participating and commenting (I know who you are), I am gifting you with an audio book. This is the prize and a thank you for being a part of the Ramadan Reading Challenge. Please go to the link above 'Miraj Audio Books' and decide on which book you'd like for your child then email me and tell me which one. It's important that you email me because I need your email to send you the link to download your audio book. Please select before Ramadan is over as they are currently having a 30% discount.

Please note that I'm not an affiliate of Miraj Audio so I don't get paid for recommending them. I recommend them because they are really good and I think your children would enjoy them too. (Even if I get paid by any affiliates I would only recommend things that I really like. I wouldn't recommend bad quality stuff.)

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