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Thursday 22 January 2015

Practice Reading With Early Readers

Early readers are books with selected sight and phonetic words that are specific for the early reading level. With early readers, children can practice reading without getting frustrated by too many difficult words. When they can read most of the words in a book, children will feel a sense of accomplishment and will be encouraged to read more.

I have combined two of my favourite things: my passion for teaching children to read and write and my love of cats. I've put them together and came up with a cute early reader book for young children. 

It is an easy to read aloud book for very young children and also for beginning readers to practice reading. It contains many sight words that beginning readers need to know with a few harder words to extend their reading. By the end of Kindergarten, children should be able to read this book by themselves. 

There are many large pictures of adorable cats that children will love. Each page has one picture and one or two sentences about cats.

You can get my book here (affiliate link):

I've writen before on why cats make the best pet for children. Below is a video book trailer on my book. It asks the question of why cats are so cute. Watch it and fall in love with cats!

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