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Wednesday 24 December 2014

Family Fun Activity Guide Free Book Download

Alhamdulillah, I have finished the Family Fun Activity Guide and I will be making it free to download on the 26-27 December 2014 (US time). This is your chance to get it for free. 

The book has three sections: In and Around the House, Out and About, and Day Trips. There are 35 activities to do with your family. Why is it important to spend time together? It's to build meaningful relationships and incease family connectedness. 

Most of the activities in the book I have done them with my family. They are always fun times spent together, alhamdulillah. My children always look forward to them and since there are 35 activities to choose from, ranging from free to low price to costly, there is always variety to what we do.

The book is a handy guide to have as you can flick through and find what suits your family. If you download then please leave a review on the Amazon book page. Just scroll down to the bottom to where it says 'Customer Reviews' and click on 'Write a customer review' button. Thank you in advance.

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