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Sunday 5 October 2014

Lesson From Hajj For Parents

Now that hajj is over and we’ve enjoyed a gathering of family and friends, it’s back to normal. Or is it? Have we learnt anything from why we celebrate Eid –ul-Adha every year?

The whole theme of hajj is sacrifice. Prophet Ibrahim (a) was asked to sacrifice his son, Prophet Ismail (a) while Prophet Ibrahim’s wife, Hajar, was asked to sacrifice comfort and safety when she and her baby Ismail were placed in the desert, in the middle of nowhere.

Allah tests us through our children. Do we love our children more than we love to obey Allah, as in the case of Prophet Ibrahim? Do we love our children and concerned with their safety, comfort and nourishment rather than obeying Allah, as in the case of Hajar?

“Indeed, your wealth and children are a trial.” (Quran 64:15)

Maybe our test is not as extreme as Prophet Ibrahim and Hajar but every day we are tested. The lesson to learn is that we should always obey Allah whatever our test may be, even when we cannot see the benefits yet.

Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail were willing to sacrifice even when there was clearly no benefit from a human’s perspective. But now, Muslims all over the world benefit from the rituals and from the sacrificed meat.

And Hajar, who could not have foreseen the benefits of being left alone with her baby, was willing to obey once she found out that this was what Allah commanded Prophet Ibrahim to do. But now, that same place is the Holiest city for Muslims and the zamzam water that flows for her baby supplies the whole desert with drinking water and we benefit from its miracle properties.

The next time you’re in a situation with your children, ask yourself what would Allah want you to do? Don’t follow your emotions but stick to the formula and obey Allah.

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