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Friday 31 October 2014

Art and Craft Learning Activities for Young Children

There's something about making and creating that motivates both adults and children alike. In my prekindy classes I am constantly being questioned "Are we doing craft today?" and in the toddler classes I am always confronted with demands for "Painting! Painting!"  Which is often why most of the lessons have some form of art and craft in them. Below are some of the themes that I have found to be in common.

Children have painted, coloured and pasted things onto the letters and numbers that they are learning. Sometimes they are given the template to decorate inside and other times they are given a blank paper in which to decorate. They also paint, colour or make a collage of the letter, number or something that begins with the same sound as the letter they are learning.

Not only have children been doing letters and numbers, they have also painted, coloured and made collages of shapes and colours. These are the basic things that prekinders learn so I have tried to incorporate as much art and craft into them as I could. I alternate and mix things around so it doesn't get boring (although the children can paint and cut all day if I let them!)

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