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Monday 15 September 2014

Easy Way to Achieve Great Results

NAPLAN results are back! Some of you might be feeling over the moon while others might be disappointed about your child's result. To help those who didn't do so well and so that you can help your child prepare for the next NAPLAN, I will reveal the one easy way to achieve high results (not only for NAPLAN but for everything in life). 

The key to getting great results in anything is...

...consistently doing it everyday. I'll write that again. The number one easy way to achieve high results is consistently practice everyday.

Ask yourself if your child had been practicing their maths and English, doing a bit each day. Have they been consistently attending tuition at least twice a week for every week well before NAPLAN (at least a year in advance)? Have they been practicing what they had learnt and doing their homework? Tuition is not a magic pill, it requires constant effort on both the parent and child.

Let me compare and contrast the type of students that I get and you will see the type of results that they are likely to get. 

1. Students whose parents are consistently providing support.
These students tend to do very well. They attend regularly, more often and well in advance. Their parents check that they do their homework.

2. Students whose parents start to panic at the beginning of the NAPLAN year and start to provide support.
These students tend to do average or a bit above average. They attend regularly and often but not well in advance so there is a lot of cramming to be done. Their parents check that they do their homework.

3. Students whose parents don't consistently provide support.
These students tend to not do so well. They don't attend regularly. They attend whenever their parent can take them and don't do their homework.

I see this same pattern in the prekindergarten classes. The children who attend the recommended two days do far better than those who attend one day. Those who turn up every week do much better than those who turn up on and off. Children need to practice the sound that they are learning everyday or at least twice a week. Parents sometimes wondered why their children aren't reading like other kids and I tell them that those kids who can read attend regularly, more often and started at the beginning of the year (instead of a term or two before the school interview).

Think about it, if you are trying to master a skill then you would need to practice it every day or as often as you can until it becomes second nature to you. If you slack off and not practice than you might not learn it or it will take you so much longer. 

So if you want your child to do great then ask yourself, "Am I consistently providing support so that my child gets consistent practice?"

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