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Monday 1 September 2014

7 Ways To Keep Your Sanity When The Going Gets Tough In Your Parenting

I have relocated. Please read this article on my Kind Parenting blog.


  1. Well, your posts are never old to read and comment on :-)
    They are always useful, mashaAllah!

    I like to do something relevant to your strategy no.2. I like to "bookmark" good behaviours and good moments. When a child is obedient and quiet and is acting with desired manners, I like to celebrate the moment and say or do something special to makes that incident memorable. To mark it, in other words.

    That way, when the child is misbehaving, you can use that special thing you did or said to recall that positive experience and encourage your child to repeat it :-)

    1. You're welcome to comment any time. I hope that my posts are timeless to help parents at all times :)

      I like your bookmarking because when you celebrate the moment, you're giving positive feedback to your child. It's a win-win.

    2. :-)
      They are timeless... I refer my sisters and my friends to your materials for enlightenment :-)

    3. Jazakillah. Thank you. InshaAllah they will be enlightened :)


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