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Tuesday 15 July 2014

Ramadan Parenting Challenge Day 17: Be Just To Your Children

Ramadan Parenting Challenge 2014
O you who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah as just witnesses; and let not the enmity and hatred of others make you avoid justice. Be just: that is nearer to piety; and fear Allah. Verily, Allah is Well-Acquainted with what you do.  (Qur’an 5:8)
Ramadan is a time where every Muslim tries to increase in piety. One way to do this is to be just which is to be fair to others in what you do. Whether it be to people you like or don’t like you need to treat them equally with justice.

One place where parents need to be just is between each child. Sometimes a parent might have a favourite child and so will show favouritism towards one child and not the others. In my parents household there were four of us girls and only one boy and growing up, my brother was the favourite child. He got all the best toys. We didn’t get upset. Not much. It was alright up to a point. (When he got away with ‘murder’ that was beyond the point.)

This hadeeth, narrated by 'Amir, reminds you about being just to your children: I heard An-Nu'man bin Bashir on the pulpit saying, "My father gave me a gift but 'Amra bint Rawaha (my mother) said that she would not agree to it unless he made Allah's Apostle as a witness to it. So, my father went to Allah's Apostle and said, 'I have given a gift to my son from 'Amra bint Rawaha, but she ordered me to make you as a witness to it, O Allah's Apostle!' Allah's Apostle asked, 'Have you given (the like of it) to everyone of your sons?' He replied in the negative. Allah's Apostle said, 'Be afraid of Allah, and be just to your children.' My father then returned and took back his gift."  (Bukhari 47:760)

Challenge for today is to:
  1. Be just to your children. Treat your children the same and do not show favouritism.

Do this and continue to do it throughout Ramadan.

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