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Tuesday 19 March 2013

Math Manipulatives for Young Children

Math manipulatives are objects that children use to physical touch and move. Since young children's thinking is locked into the concrete, they need things that they can see and touch rather than abstract ideas. Whatever you teach children you need to provide opportunities for them to see and do. 

Those who have been following my blog will know the many uses that I have for these math manipulatives. Not only are they great for young children's counting and patterning but they are also great for grade 1 children's fractions and tens & place values.

Maths manipulatives include:
  • unifix cubes, 2cm and 1cm
  • colourful wooden cubes
  • large beads
  • assorted buttons
  • linking chains
  • connecting camels
  • assorted counters: teddy bears, transport, school, small rounds, large rounds, stacking
  • threading spools
  • cuisenaire rods
  • pegs and pegboards
  • abacus
  • pop sticks
  • colourful match sticks
  • bottle top lids

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