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Wednesday 15 August 2012

Making Eid Cards and Presents

Every year my children would come home from their Muslim school with Eid cards. These cards are the usual colour in type. It always make me think, "Come on teachers let the children put a little creativity into their cards."

So I had a card making session and I wanted children to use their creativity. I found supplies and told them that they could each choose a boy or girl then decide on where they want their little person to be standing. Some wanted a garden, the desert, on a hill and even in a boat. From there, students cut their papers and chose their embellishments to fit into their design. And this was what they made for their family, relatives, friends or teachers....

After they made their cards, they made an Eid present. (OK so it's more mosaic but I just love mosaics. You've really got to give it a try!)

I also wanted to add what my son came home with this year (apart from the Eid card). I really love it so I thought I'd share.

It's "stained glass". What it is is 2 sheets of plastic which the teacher photocopied the "Allah" design (all the black lines) onto. The children glued cellophane onto one of the plastic sheets then glued the other plastic sheet on top (this sheet is photocopied in reverse). Nice, masha Allah.


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