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Sunday 20 November 2011

Keeping pets

These are the chicks at 2 weeks. They're beginning to have feathers. 

Keeping pets is so educational for children. They learn how to take care of them and with hens we also get eggs. We also have 2 rabbits and 3 guinea pigs, lots of fish and we used to have quails (and eggs as well, yum).

My son is in charge of taking care of them, feeding them and getting them back into their cages before nightfall. Our animals are free to roam the backyard (except the guinea pigs - they escaped once but they were no match for the neighbour's cats!). Our rabbits and guinea pigs are not desexed so every so often we would have babies that the children love to play with (then we sell them - great for teaching them about doing business). Masha Allah, they are so cute.

The best thing about keeping chickens is the fresh eggs daily, alhamdulillah!

These were the chicks at about 3 days - all downy and soft, masha Allah.

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