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Wednesday 2 November 2011

Kabah Impressionist Painting

As part of our Hajj lessons, my students painted the Ka'bah in the style of the Impressionists. Masha Allah, they turned out quite nice. Last week we studied Claude Monet's paintings and they did a landscape watercolour painting already (insha Allah, I will post these later). So this week we continued the concept of dots and dashes to the painting of the Ka'bah.

1.They studied a picture of the Ka'bah and we talked about the shape and what else was on the Ka'bah (door and the gold Qur'an writing). I then had them draw the Ka'bah in the middle of the A3 size art paper. I had to stress to them to make the Ka'bah pretty big because you will find children at this age (5-6 year olds) usually make small pictures.

2. They then used yellow paint to dot in the door and the top of the Ka'bah. Next they dotted the rest of the Ka'bah in black.

3. From the picture, they could see that the people doing tawaf looked like dots so they used different colour paints to dot in the people. (You could actually see the dots going around the Ka'bah like the people do in tawaf in the top right and bottom left paintings.) Voila!

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