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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Free Ramadan Activities Book for Kids 7-12 Years Old

Just in time for Ramadan, a free activities book for your child aged between 7 and 12 years. There are 13 activities that include puzzles, secret codes, word search, crossword, maze, drawing, colouring and craft. It will take your child from the moon sighting through to Eid. And no, there is no Eid card to make but an Eid decoration instead.

Best of all is that I've made it free as usual.

But unlike the usual preschool books that I make, this one is for older children. I thought I'd do something different so older children can have some fun activities to do for Ramadan.

To download, click here to download for free.

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  1. Great activity for Kids, also Some activites for kids mentioned.

    1. Unable to see download option from your link above

    2. In the 2nd last sentence, click on the link that says 'click here'.

  2. Do you have to print or pay for this book?

    1. It's free. Just click on the words 'click here'.


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