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PreKindergarten Program

You may want to give your children a head start in learning but you don't know where to start. There is so much information online and you could spend hours searching and putting together your own program - but who's got the time! Other ready-made programs are great but they're not Islamically focused.

The solution: ILMA Education Prekindy Program.

There are two programs: Language Arts (English) and Mathematics.

This program is for children 4-5 years of age. Lessons are hands on and incorporates the senses in learning. But what makes it unique is that it incorporates Islam into every aspect of learning. Each program consists of 4 terms and each term contains 10 weeks.

Inside the Language Arts (English) Program:
  • Reading, writing
  • Phonics
  • Letters and sounds of the alphabet, lower case then upper
  • Name writing
  • Includes printables

Inside the Mathematics Program:
  • Recognise, write and counting 1-on-1 correspondence numbers 1-20
  • Rote count numbers to 50
  • Count backwards from 20
  • Calendar: days of the week, months, weather
  • Shapes
  • Comparing, ordering, sorting, patterns
  • Subitizing, estimating
  • Fractions (1/2)
  • Includes printables

I have used this program for many years. You can search this blog for examples from the many activities that I've posted over the years.

This prekindy program is used by other preschool centres.

What others have said about the PreK program:

" is a thoroughly detailed program...each lesson plan is easy to follow and is in sequence..."
Mrs Rawah, teacher at Sydney Islamic Institute

"MashaAllah, the pre-kindy program is fantastic...We are very happy, wal hamdulillah."
Mrs Shaymah, Director at Al-Hidayah Madrasah

If you need a program to teach your child or organisation then I can tailor one for your needs.

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