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Friday, 9 June 2017

Letter of the Week: f for fish

Over the years, I've had children made many different types of fish. It really depended on what craft resources that I could find. Children have made paper plate fish, fish kites, fish aquariums in a paper plate and fish finger puppets.

This year, I've found these colourful wooden fish stickers. So I've decided to have the children make a glittery fish aquarium collage. Instructions below.

1. Provide children with blue paper and have them spread glue all over the paper.

2. Give children green paper and let them tear long strips of it to make seaweed. If children can't make long strips then you can do it for them.

3. Place the green seaweed strips vertically on the blue paper.

4. Hand out fish stickers for children to arrange on the blue paper.

5. Sprinkle blue glitter over.

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