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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Muslim Parenting Affirmations

Affirmations are positive self talks that you tell yourself daily to change the way you think, believe and act. It works like this: the more you say them, the more you believe them then the more you will act according to what you say. It's an upward spiral that will benefit you and your child. 

To improve your parenting, select one that you really like to work towards then say it to yourself constantly. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Allah made my child perfect and I love her the way she is.

My child is the coolness of my eyes and I am pleased with him.

Allah has blessed me with my child and I am grateful to Allah for her.

Every day I give thanks to Allah for my child.

Allah gave me the ability to be the best parent for my child.

Allah made me the perfect parent for my child.

I am grateful to Allah that my child is healthy and happy.

Allah gave me the ability to teach my child to have the best manners and character.

I am merciful towards my child so I kiss him daily.

I am patient and not harsh with my child.

I have good things to say to my child.

I give my child positive feedback.

I listen intently to my child when he talks.

I teach my child to feel kindness for others.

I set rules for my child to guide his behaviour.

I give my child choices.

I advise my child in private.

These affirmations work in tandem with the strategies in my parenting ebook 'Guiding Children's Behaviour'. Get your copy now if you haven't already. 


  1. Replies
    1. Yes they're all great.

      Sometimes we tell ourselves all the negative things and it gets us really down or act badly towards our children. But if we can say these positive thoughts to ourselves it would really improve our parenting and relationship.

    2. Yes, definitely... I am one person that keeps talking to myself... Its a habit... And once I read that it can be destructive so I made a commitment with mysepf that I will keep telling good things to myself...
      And when I became a mother I found it apllies...

  2. MashaAllah sister..this is really useful to me..I will try to practice this every day and make it as a habit..thank you so much for sharing..JazakAllah khair..

    1. Alhmadulillah you've found it useful. Your welcome. Iyaki :) Thanks for commenting.

    2. Oh and I forgot to mention that I've put these affirmations into an infographic here
      So you can download and keep it handy.


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