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1. Books & Printables

These are PDF downloads.

1. Beginning to Learn Series
A set of 5 books, each focusing on an aspect of Islamic practice while teaching children basic concepts. Originally board books with 10 pages in each book. Click on each of the links below to read my book reviews and download for free the accompanying activity booklets.
Book 1: Let's Pray- A Book of Numbers
Book 2: Z is for Zakat - A Book of Letters

2. Bee Activity Book
Learn all about this creation of Allah. Hands-on activities and worksheets aimed at upper primary school children, 10-13 years of age. 28 pages. Read more about this book here.
Get it here

3. Good Deeds Cards
18 good deeds in both colour and black & white. Print straightaway in colour to use with children or print the black and whiter version for children to colour. Read more about it here.

4. Hajj Quran Journaling
14 pages of Quran journaling about 7 ayats on hajj. Read more about it here.

5. Prophet Muhammad Quran Journaling
10 pages of Quran journaling on the 5 ayats that Allah mentioned Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, by name. Included is a set of Prophet Muhammad stickers for printing and pasting onto your journaling to decorate it. Read more about it here.

6. Ramadan Colouring Activity Book
20+ pages of things to do in Ramadan for 7+ year olds: 4 Quran journaling about Ramadan with a sticker sheet, 10 colouring pages based on the ayats about Ramadan, 4 tracking pages for fasting, charity, gratitude and mood, 1 planning calendar, 1 Eid card and 1 journal entry page template that you can print 30 times for each day of Ramadan. Plenty to do to practice mindfulness during Ramadan. Download a free Quran journaling page here.

Feedback on books:

Jazakallahu khayr sis. You do an amazing job and I use all of your booklets as print out for my pre school eg. Masjid booklet, colours booklet, printouts for pre schoolers, Ramadan and hajj booklets. 
Absolutely love love love them. I incorporate them in my daily lessons and teachings. Love the Islamic themes with daily activities.
Fawzia, owner Fitrah Kids

2. Online Courses

1. Quran Journaling on Friendships
Learn about friends and how to Quran journal. Read more here.

Get it here

I honestly really liked it! It was easy to do and my 7 year old enjoyed doing it with my instruction. I love the topic; it is very important to discuss with teenagers the value of friends! JAK
Shifa Shafadi
(Read more reviews on the page)

3. Programming

If you need a program to teach your child or organisation then I can write taylor one for your needs. As you may know, I run classes at my ILMA Education Centre and I use my own programs. I have been selling these programs to help establish other prekindy centres.

4. Coaching

Need help with teaching your child? I can help you with teaching and learning strategies or help you teach your child to read or write.

5. Workshops & Seminars

I am available for teaching and learning workshops and seminars online or offline (local) for teachers or homeschoolers. I have a Bachelors degree, Graduate Diploma of Education and a Masters of Education. I even have a Diploma of Professional Counselling. 

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