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1. Printables

1. Masjid Colouring Page

2. The Bee Activity Book
Learn all about this creation of Allah. Hands-on activities and worksheets aimed at upper primary school children, 10-13 years of age. 28 pages. Read more about this book here.
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Jazakallahu khayr sis. You do an amazing job and I use all of your booklets as print out for my pre school eg. Masjid booklet, colours booklet, printouts for pre schoolers, Ramadan and hajj booklets. 
Absolutely love love love them. I incorporate them in my daily lessons and teachings. Love the Islamic themes with daily activities.
Fawzia, owner Fitrah Kids

2. Programming

If you need a program to teach your child or organisation then I can write taylor one for your needs. As you may know, I run classes at my ILMA Education Centre and I use my own programs. I have been selling these programs to help establish other prekindy centres.

3. Coaching

Need help with teaching your child? I can help you with teaching and learning strategies or help you teach your child to read or write.

4. Workshops & Seminars

I am available for teaching and learning workshops and seminars online or offline (local) for teachers or homeschoolers. I have a Bachelors degree, Graduate Diploma of Education and a Masters of Education. I even have a Diploma of Professional Counselling. 

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