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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Fast Not Food: A Book of Shapes Book Review Plus Free Printable Book of Shapes Download

Title: Fast Not Food: A Book of Shapes
Author: Jameela Ho
Format: Kindle
Age: 2-5 year olds

Learn some shapes with Omar and Ehsan as they try not to eat during their fast in Ramadan.

Fast Not Food was originally a board book. It was book number 3 of a set of 5 from the Beginning to Learn Series. It was printed in 2008 but have since ran out of stock. 

It was a popular set of books to read to young children as it taught them about basic concepts such as numbers, letters, shapes, colours and transportation through the pillars of Islam.

This particular book, Fast Not Food, teaches children about the three basic shapes, namely the square, triangle and circle, from the pillar of fasting. 

As you can see from the front cover, one of the child, Omar, can only see food in everyday shaped objects wherever he goes. This is because they are fasting. How does his cousin Ehsan help him to not think about food when he fasts? Your child will find out as he or she look for the shapes on each page.

2 page view from the board book.
The kindle version will have a one page view and have pop up interactions.

To complement the Fast Not Food book and help your child with learning the circle shape, I have created this printable circles activity book for you to download. 

Download this book here
These are the pages inside this activity book, well it's really six worksheets. They will help your child to recognise, trace, draw and cut circles.

If you like to purchase Fast Not Food, you can do so here (my affiliate link):

To read more about Book 5 of the series, A Dress for Eid, click here, where you can also download a shape activity book for free.

To get the complete set of Beginning to Learn Series in PDF, click here.
Buy it here


  1. I love this idea of teaching basic concepts through Islam... kind of like a double teaching bonus :) The book looks really good mashaAllah :)

    1. Thank you. Yes, a two for one kind of thing :)

  2. I love how the people have come up with such educational books for the children. I often used to think how to give Islamic education to my child but I am happy to know that such books and toys can be a great help.

    Fatima |

    1. Oh there are so many good books out there for children!

  3. Brilliant... Masha Allah, I love the Ramadan theme - and the idea of linking numeracy to the pillars of Islam.

    I love the worksheets as well, its a great way to reinforce learning. Baarakallahu fih.

  4. This is such an amazing way for kids to learn their shapes. Even better that it also teaches them about Ramadan

  5. Wow! Another great book by Jameela Ho :) It's a fantastic concept; to merge preschool Math, Literacy and Islamic studies in one fun book. The illustrations look cute too!

  6. What a cute book! Will be buying for my son too inshaAllah!

  7. the book appears really interesting for the kids plus the pics also.
    Good to know that it was originally a board book.

  8. This is SUCH a fantastic book! I love the concept - thank you for complementing it with your worksheets! We were hoping to go outdoors today but the weather is terrible, so I know what we can do indoors instead!

    1. :) check out these other shape activities


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